About me

My name is Anna but my friends call me Aina. I’m from Poland and when I’m not travelling I live in Warsaw. I started surfing over 10 years ago while working in Gran Canaria and fell head over heels in love with it. Later I picked up kiteboarding and snowboarding which I also enjoy a great deal. Ever since I remember I loved travelling and couldn’t stay still. That is why my attempts at having a regular office job didn’t quite work out. Now I can happily combine my work with passion. If you would like to know what I do besides surfing, travelling and writing this blog, you check my LinkedIn.


surfing las palmas

To sum up, I am a:

#OceanLover #AdventureSeeker #AdrenalineAddict

Liquid Dreams is a place dedicated to my favourite element – WATER (snow also counts as it turns into water eventually;). It’s a blog about passion, wanderlust and following my dreams. You will find here not only stories about my life and travels but also a great deal of inspiration, useful tips as well as some funny stuff.

Whether you are an experienced surfer, kiteboarder, snowboarder, traveller or you would just like to start your adventures, I am sure you will find something interesting here!

Feel free to comment, share your knowledge and experience or ask questions about anything. You can also reach me on FacebookInstagramTwitter or write me an email at: anambroszkiewicz@gmail.com

Instagram is my favourite social media:) Check it out for daily dose of positive surf vibes;) @liquidtraveling


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If you have an idea for our cooperation, let me know and let’s talk about that. If not, let me help you out;) My head is always full of ideas:)

contact: anambroszkiewicz@gmail.com