Fuerteventura Girls Surftrip

Fuerteventura Girls Surf Trip

After 2 years without surfing, I could not take it anymore and decided that no matter what that autumn I just had to go somewhere with waves. As usual both budget and time were limited so I only considered the destinations where I could get easily and cheaply from Poland. Such as Fuerteventura …

Why go for a girls only trip?

Well, just so. Maybe because the idea was born on a online forum for female surfers… Or maybe because there’s no use to carry coals to Newcastle;)
All in all, however, we did make one exception and let one guy join us. It’s just that his girlfriend was not so charmed by the prospect of handsome Canarian surfers;) And it seems like she didn’t make such a bad decision since she went there with her boyfriend, and returned with … a fiancé;)

What were we up to in Fuerteventura?

Surfing, surfing and again surfing!

We surfed every day and after that relaxed in the terrace or by the pool. At night we would usually go to the town center to have some tapas or Margaritas served in huge jars in a Mexican place. Or even better we would go skateboarding (Attention! after drinking up a JAR of Margarita, do not skateboard back to the hostel because you can ride over your hair – don’t ask;) You can also experience a downhill ride of your lifetime but well, it also might not be the best idea!).


girl on the wave surfing in Fuerteventura Canary Islands
my best wave on Fuerteventura


handsome surfing instructor
Marco – our surf instructor


During the weekend we decided to discover some more places…

Around the island

On Saturday we rented a car and drove ahead. We barely left the town, when I heard shouts from the back seat:

“Stop! Stop!”.

No, nothing had happened. It was just the extraordinary views around us that my fellow paparazzis needed to capture on their cameras right away. And so it was throughout most of the way. Every now and then I heard cries: “Oh wow”, “Look there,” “Goats by the road” – which doesn’t make it easy for the driver;)


Fuerteventura volcanic landscape


Fuerteventura is a volcanic island and such a landscape accompanied us throughout most of the day until we reached the main purpose of our trip that is the Sotavento Beach.

Did you ever wonder where all those postcards with incredibly beautiful beaches come from? Well, places like this one obviously (or Bali – but I’ll tell you about it in one of the next posts;) I will not elaborate on it, you just have to see it! But bear in mind that photos do not reflect the full charm of this place! Unfortunately, no waves in there but perfect conditions for other water sports like windsurfing and kiteboarding.


windsurfing in Fuerteventura Canary Islands


kiteboarding in Fuerteventura


At the end of the day we went to the very South of the island to see the cliffs and the lighthouse as well as admire the sunset there.

However, the road that leads there is real rubbish (stony, narrow serpentine with goats running all around), so it was a pretty stressful situation for me as the driver, trying to get back to civilization before it got completely dark. But still worth the hassle;)


lighthouse in Fuerteventura Canary Islands


Like a desert

On Sunday afternoon we went (this time by bus for it was only about 10 minutes ride) to see the famous dunes of the National Park of Corralejo. These are not just any sand dunes, as they occupy an area 10 times larger than Hyde Park in London, so wandering around in there makes you feel as if  you were actually in a desert.


dunes national park in Fuerteventura canary islands


dunes national park in Fuerteventura canary islands


Fuerteventura is definitely a place worth visiting, well conneted with low budget airlines and not very expensive when it comes to spending your holiday there. There is of course much more to see than I described here and car rental comes cheap, especially for 4-5 people.