“It’s not tragic to die doing what you love.”

These words I heard once from a friend of mine (a Spanish surfer) when asked if he did not fear for his life while surfing big waves. The very same words are also uttered in the movie Point Break (the old one from 1991) by Patrick Swayze.

The movie 2015



It did surprise me. I was expecting something very much like the old one, just with different actors and taking place nowadays + blasting special effects of course.

However, there are many differences, which I’m not going to talk in detail about for the sake of those who still didn’t see the movie;)

As Edgar Ramirez (Bodhi 2015) says:

“It’s not really a remake as we’re not trying to tell the same story. It definitely keeps elements from the first one – the movie that has inspired us.”

Anyway, there is not much surfing. This is also surprising but not bad actually since the surf scenes were the most disapointing to me (especially the ones in Biarritz vel Teahupo’o!). Even though they were actual scenes and not just visual effects and involved professional surfers such as Bruce Irons.

Here you can see the making of the surf scenes in Teahupo’o (Tahiti)



What I really did like, however, were the scenes involving other extreme sports like snowboarding or base jumping. They were truly amazing.

The movie 1991



This is already a classic among surfer movies. “Surfing is a state of mind” – says Patrick Swayze and if you have ever surfed, you’ll probably agree;)

One of my favourite moments is when at the very end Bodhi asks Utah if he still surfed. And the FBI agent (who at the beginning of this job asked if it was not enough that he just walked around with a surfboard under his arm and acted stoned) said: “Yes, every day”.

I did like both movies because there is a kind of message or life attitude that they convey. To LIVE your life to the maximum. Whether it’s extreme sports and adrenaline you love or something totally different, don’t you ever forget to do what you love! And no excuses – it’s you who makes the choice and steps on the path (remember what Bodhi said to Johnny Utah in 2015?) Just let’s try not to hurt other people – life is not a movie after all.

There are some who do not fear death. For they are more afraid of not really living.

This ancient proverb says it all;)

And a little gift for you – Still Breathing – a beautiful piece of music from the Point Break 2015 soundtrack